Why CVS Mobile?

Global telematics solutions

Our advanced telematics solutions allow you to efficiently manage your fleet, wherever you are and whenever you need it. We offer everything in one place, in all markets within which we operate – the best support, consultancy and help with choosing the solutions that best fit your needs.



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The mobileWEB platform
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Telematics solutions

Global solutions with local support and consultancy

Telematics solutions for fleet owners and managers who want to reduce fuel costs, optimize drivers' working hours, improve service quality and know where their vehicles and cargo are at all times. With our solutions you are always one step ahead of others.


Choose the solutions for your industry

Our software provides excellent service to companies dealing with various types of transport in a wide variety of industries.

Lower your costs by tracking your vehicle data.
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Lower fuel costs
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Lower driver communication costs
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Better efficiency of drivers' working hours
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