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The leading Central European provider of telematics solutions.

About the company

CVS Mobile is the leading company in providing innovative and reliable tracking and fleet management solutions. We specialize in the development of telematic solutions that meet the needs of companies in different industries. The power of CVS Mobile is in the efficiency and reliability of our intelligent fleet management system based on telematics, which helps our customers to become even more efficient and productive.


Career at CVS Mobile


We are a modern, family-friendly company that supports a positive and free-thinking climate in the company. We are aware that employees are valuable assets of high-tech companies, so by formulating a policy of long-term human resources development, we take care of their professional growth and development.


CVS Mobile is constantly looking for new creative and driven collaborators and if you want to become a part of our team, you can contact us here.

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Responsibility to the environment is a value

We are aware of the importance of caring for the environment and reducing the impact on the environment. The use of our smart telematic systems for fleet tracking and management positively contributes to the environment by ensuring optimum utilization of fleet vehicles.


Rational fuel consumption and route control enable the company to reduce CO2 emissions and other harmful emissions into the environment using a smart telematics system.


Telematics allows fleet owners to reduce carbon emissions, as the transport industry has the ability and responsibility to protect the environment, while ensuring efficient cost-effectiveness and providing a timely service.

Laying Milestones

CVS Mobile has been providing professional vehicle tracking and fleet management services and solutions since 2005. Today, our telematics system is used to manage business process and company resources.

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