Why FuelGuard?

This advanced solution uses precise probes to monitor, analyse and report the usage of fuel in your vehicles and prevents misuse and fuel theft during refuelling.

Advantages of the solution

Fuel consumption control

By accurately controlling your fuel consumption, you have a complete overview of the fuel level of your vehicle at any time. By setting alarms, the probe protects you from theft of fuel when filling or when the vehicle is stationary.

Analysis of consumption and report

It helps analyze fuel consumption and reports on actual, average, and total consumption.

Effective planning of stops

By monitoring and analyzing fuel consumption, it increases efficiency in planning stops for fueling.

Technical equipment

Equipment related to the selected solution.

Benefits of an intelligent telematics system
up to
Lower fuel costs
up to
Longer tire life
up to
Better efficiency of drivers' working hours
more than
Earlier invoice issue
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