Document management

Why Document Management?

Our document management solution uses the mobileWEB app to allow you to send and receive documents between the back office and the professional CVS tablet in the vehicle. You can send PDF documents or images (e.g. available cargo space, damaged cargo or vehicle, properly loaded goods and protections provided etc.) in both directions.


By taking pictures and sending business documentation (such as CMR, delivery notes, etc.) directly from the vehicle to the back office, you can save up to 30 days in issuing invoices for services rendered to your customers and therefore reduce the amount of necessary resources for the financing of your rolling stock.


You can choose between the EU Bundle (500 MB) and the EU Bundle (500 MB) with additional countries (Switzerland, the Balkans, Russia) (100 MB).

Advantages of the solution

More transported cargo

Require the imaging of the cargo space, so you have full control over how the load is loaded and, in particular, how much cargo space is available. Every additional transported pallet or other form of cargo means additional earnings.

Faster invoicing

Issue invoices to your customers up to 30 days faster and save on the necessary funds to finance your fleet.

Easily share documents

It makes it easy to share PDF documents or images between vehicles and the back office.

Archive of all documents

All documents are securely stored in the cloud, within the mobileWEB platform.

Print documents in the vehicle

If you need to print the in-vehicle documents, we can upgrade the system using professional ThermoPrinter.

Technical equipment

Equipment related to the selected solution.

Benefits of an intelligent telematics system
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Lower fuel costs
up to
Longer tire life
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Better efficiency of drivers' working hours
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Earlier invoice issue
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